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About Aer Soléir

Aer Soléir is Irish for "clear air"

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Our passion is sustainability.

Europe wide we are developing best-in-class, large-scale onshore wind, solar PV, and energy storage projects that will provide material, long-lasting economic benefits to local communities. Our vision is that one day, soon, everyone's life will be electrified sustainably, and we are pleased to be playing an active part in creating a cleaner energy future for all.

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“The European Union is the world’s largest trading block. The countries of the European Union are committed to the creation a continent-wide economy based on “green-ness”. The impacts of the Green Deal, Net Zero and the “green-curtain” that Europe is enveloping itself in will extend beyond the EU to countries in the EU’s “green neighbourhood” and beyond. Aer Soléir has been established to play its part in the energy transition and the “greening” of Europe”

Andy Kinsella

CEO and Co-founder, Aer Soléir

Aer Soléir invests in sustainable infrastructure projects from early-stage development through to Final Investment Decision and beyond. Leveraging our deep experience in renewable energy and strategic investment, we form alliances with local partners to support and accelerate new opportunities to develop, construct, own, and operate onshore clean energy projects throughout Europe.


The mission of Aer Soléir – Irish for “clear air” – is to develop, construct, own, and operate a multi-gigawatt portfolio of onshore wind, solar and energy storage projects that will provide material, long-term economic benefits to local landowners and communities throughout Europe. We strive to supply safe and reliable clean energy to our customers while delivering robust returns for our investors.


Multi-technology pipeline at different development stages de-risks capital deployment

Our active pipeline comprises:

And beyond this we have a committed pipeline for a further:

Our business practices balance the interests of all stakeholders. It is achieved through robust risk management systems, diversity, independent auditing, meeting stakeholder requirements, progressive compensation models, transparency, and accountability


Aer Soléir is an affiliate of 547 Energy, the clean energy investment platform of Quantum Energy Partners who are a leading provider of capital to the global energy industry with more than $17 billion in assets under management. 547 Energy aims to maximize value for its investors by partnering with leading entrepreneurs who are driving growth in the clean energy economy.

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Across the continent, we are building an active pipeline of renewable energy and storage projects.

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Our approach

Our unique approach and deep experience place us at the forefront of delivering renewable energy projects-across Europe.